Spraying the Rage is “Sick”. Really smooth trigger action – Super Crisp lines! The Renegades are outRAGEous (yeah it’s tacky, but it’s true).” Fred Sicoli • Killer Kreations • www.killerkreations.biz

“The Renegades are masterpieces. I see them as Badger having optimized airbrush performance and design technology.”
Jaime Rodriguez • Pure Image Custom Airbrushing • www.pureimagedesign.com

“With the Renegades I found an airbrush that not only produces perfectly atomized paint, but also has the ruggedness to keep that paint spraying. Less downtime means more painting, and that’s why they’re the only airbrushes I use.” Mario Chavez • M. Chavez Custom Creations •www.myspace.com/chavezart

“I am truly impressed with the Renegade Velocity R1V. I have used the expensive $400 big name imported airbrushes, and I can tell you first hand that the R1V is better. The Renegade shoots finer lines than I thought possible!!!” Monnie Criss • Criss Studio • Port Richey, FL

“From beast to demons I (RAGE) war on canvas, from angels to Valkyrie’s my (SPIRIT) carrys me there, both Renegades are the perfect amalgamation of genius and metal.” Gearboxxx • Devious Designs LV • www.DeviousDesignsLV.com

“In a chaotic airbrushing world, the Renegades have undoubtedly restored order in a radical way.”
Jason Livery • Twisted Tees Airbrush • www.twistedteesairbrush.com

“From acrylics to urethanes, the Renegade Velocity is a definite must have in your arsenal. And once it’s there it may well be the airbrush you reach for the most.”
Anthony Seasack • East Coast Brush Works

"I use the Renegade series for airbrushing on a daily basis. They are true work horses. From Motorcycles, to cars, to helmets.....Badger airbrushes always perform perfectly."Nick Lee of Air-Fusion Designs Las Vegas

The New Badger Renegade Rage - Incredible piece of equipment. Rugged, hefty to the feel. And precision!!!!! You will be in love the first time you use this thing! Awesome from the word go! Fine lines... No Problem.    
 Stephen Cavewww.bluewaternavy.net

Badger has hit a home run with this triology. They are not only beautiful and sleek in appearance but pure muscle and performance inside. Finally a company that cares about the artist and delivered a product that is high performance yet affordable.!
Cherri Pearson  • Air Brush Art by Cherri Pearson Hudson, Florida

"it seems Badger has refined the Reenegade for better detail and control but it has the rugged and sturdy feel to it. It is a great addition to any airbrushers arsenal or airbrushes." John Wargo • The Custom Shop Flanagan, IL  www.customshop.org

I would like to personally Thank You for an Incredible Product, the Renegade R1V Velocity. This is without a doubt the best quality brush I have purchased  Paul Shawwww.eagleeyeartwork.com

The Renegade works like a dream. After getting use to the balance on the handle and the trigger response, the airbrush preformed like my higher priced models. The ability to work in fine detail is astonishing. The renegade is great for any fine artist looking for a quality airbrush at any price. Karman Fairless • Karman Art & Design Godfrey, IL www.karmanart.com  

I have been just tickled to death with the Velocity's performance! I owe Badger a great big THANK YOU! I was in a sort of creative stand still till I started 'playing' with my new Velocity - it made me want to paint again!! how cool is that!?! - Shane 'Calavera' Sanchez • Clarksville, TN  

I finished up a couple of fish with my airbrush. I got incredible detail and loved it. I even sprayed some spots with minute air pressure(about 5 PSI) here is a picture of the 2 fish. I got 2 2nd place ribbons in the Masters division at our Association of Indiana Taxidermists convention. Todd Buchanan • www.buckspromounttaxidermy.com/

"The new Renegade Velocity is the best airbrush i've ever used for modeling. The ultra thin lines it creates are perfect for predator kits and prototypes of any scale. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks again Badger. Bobby Suttonwww.disturbedearth.com 

WOW !!! I didn't know detail could be so easy !! If a brush out there can be any better I don't know how or what kind it could be ! Straight out of the box, lacquer paint, 1 drop retarder and 30 lb's psi and OMG ! THANK THANK THANK YOU ! You just made this ole boy's life one hell of a lot easier,not to mention what it doe's for my work! Thanks again, Michael Faulkner Professional Taxidermist 

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